Chicken Coop Door Automatic Lifter

System that combines timer and light sensor allows to control in a safe way the opening and closing of the henhouse doors.

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ChickenGuard Premium has a safe mode that brings reliability to bring you total flexibility to determine the hours of opening and closing of doors, and all their circuits are protected against the weather with watertight closures.

Easily installs out of the henhouse, configure preferences for opening and closing of doors and that's it. It works with 4 AA batteries and it has been designed to be easy to program, we have also included large buttons to be pressed easily with winter gloves.

  • Opens and closes doors through 3 modes of operation: timer, sensor light (LUX) or both.
  • Configurable timer can close the door at the preset time.
  • Light (LUX) Sensor is easily adjusted to operate at the desired light intensity.
  • Manual opening and closing by pressing a button.
  • Monitor LCD full function and easy to use.
  • Door lock indicator, visible up to 100 meters.
  • Low-battery warning.
  • Compact design that does not require much space.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Without wiring complicated.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • 1.5 m long rope.
  • Capable of elevating of lift doors up to 1 kg / 2.2 lb.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
18,5x10,2x7,9 cm


Chicken Coop Door Lifter

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