Industrial cage for rabbits with 8 multipurpose departments on the lower floor, +8 departments to pregnancy or replacement on the upper floor, adaptable to any management system rabbit production.

The cage "Moscu" is a versatile modular solution to start industrial rabbit breeding projects of small or large scale.

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  • Cage with 8 multipurpose departments in lower level + 8 departments for gestation or replacement in upper level. Adaptable to any use system.
  • Individual nest fronts manufactured with plastic. Controlled lactation door manually operated from the outside or centralized lactation control.
  • Nests with trays manufactured with 1st quality plastic.
  • Collective doors for 2 departments with total cage opening, which allows easy access to the whole inside.
  • Manufactured with reinforced galvanized bar, sheet and 1st quality thermoplastics.
  • Water installation with rigid PVC pipe which permits to adapt any automatic drinker (dummy, Logis pan, etc.).
  • Nest sides manufactured with plastic, avoiding dirty corners and airflow.
  • Rationing feeder manufactured with plastic and stainless steel with auger filling system.
  • Designed for incorporating optionally antiurines sheet skirt.
Upper fattening department

Lower fattening department

Departamento inferior para maternidad

Lower maternity department

Upper urgent birth department

Upper urgent birth department

Feeder Moscow Cage


Upper sheet skirts

Upper sheet skirts

Controlled lactation handle

Controlled lactation handle


Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
169x208x155 cm
Galvanized sheet
Pit Width
200 cm
Department Measures
Lower: 90x40.5x38 cm Upper: 44x40.5x38 cm

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