Canine Training Collar Petipop

Training collar for dogs from 3 to 55 Kg. Its rechargeable battery allows two modes of operation that provide the best in canine training:

  • Safe and proven vibration mode. (Sound / Vibration)
  • Static stimulation for dogs that need stronger action. (Sound / Stimulation)

Remote control with a range of up to 500 meters, includes wrist strap and the possibility of controlling 2 collars for same command.

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  1. Press the power button to tum on from the trainer unit
  2. For remote control. There are AT (automatic control) or MT (manual) options.
    • A option (AT) There is a switch if the switch is on L, vibration or shock works 2 seconds. If the switch is on M. vibration or shock works 4 sec. If the switch is on H vibration or shock works 6 sec. 
    • B option (MT) Press Vibration or shock button to work until release the button working.
  3. Adjust the button strengths, as needed, to fit your dog's special needs. Make sure both metal prongs are touching your dog.
  4. Press the power button for 2 seconds to tum off the trainer unit.

Data sheet

Approximate Unit Weigth
80 g
Box Units
Box Measures
23x26x10 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
177 g


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