Hobby Farm, the new trend in healthy diet

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Hobby Farm

Currently in the world there has been a fairly significant awareness of the habits that we have about our diet, and the quality of the food we eat, which is why the "Hobby Farm" is emerging as a healthy and playful alternative to ensure healthy food for your family using only a small space in your home or country house by using chicken coops or rabbit cages specifically adapted for homes.

Healthy Food Alternatives

One of the main measures being taken by families around the world and especially in Europe is to buy organic products, or produced through natural processes without additives that can become harmful. Other families that have some space in the garden are starting with what is known as "hobby farm".

What's Hobby Farm

This practice is to allocate a free space at home for growing fruit plants or vegetables or even for home raising chickens and other animals, specifically controlling how they eat and thus ensure that both plants and animals grow in a healthy way without additives, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones in the case of animals.

Benefits of Hobby Farm

Organic Eggs vs Intensive Eggs

The advantages of this kind of hobby, besides providing entertainment, is that you can raise or plant what you, your family or your friends will eat by yourself. You assure the highest quality products from your particular "farm".

  • Full control over animals you raise or the plants that you grow.
  • A source of food that is cheaper and profitable for the household economy in the medium - long term.
  • It provides a unique opportunity for learning and contact with recreational activities.

Do you want to start your own "Hobby Farm"?

For those people who want to start a hobby as organic farming, COPELE has developed Avicope, an ideal product to place between 3 and 8 hens with enough space to produce magnificent organic eggs. It is a park for hens made 100% metallic and plastic that is more hygienic than traditional chicken coops made of wood as this if not well chemically treated it can harbor parasites.

Avicope Cage

It also has several options as an inner booth so your chickens or animals are perfectly protected from the cold and nesting boxes for your hens have a place where they feel safe to lay eggs.

It is not necessary to access the inside of the cage to catch the eggs, and the eggs are deposited in a special section for them.

This product also includes accessories such as a tray to adapt it from one poultry cage to a rabbit cage and is fully compatible with all our line of feeders and drinkers. This coop is not fixed to the ground, so it is not difficult to transport it to another location so the land will regenerate or take advantage of the natural fertilizer for own plantations, also it has a front door to get the chickens grazing and has another opening for the roof to access the interior of the cage.

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