Dog Feeders

Dog Feeders 

Find here all varieties of dog feeders: automatic feeders, hopper and dishes of all sizes and colors. All always made with the best quality and thinking about the well-being and proper nutrition of dogs and cats.

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  • Feeders for dogs or cats made in melamine and with removable stainless steel plates for easy cleaning. Its ergonomic design with side handles makes it easy to handle and is very safe thanks to its non-slip base.

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    Feeder and drinker combined in a single piece of melamine with removable stainless steel plates for easy cleaning and ensure its long life. It has a non-slip base that makes it more comfortable for your pet.

  • Set that includes a deposit of 1.5 l, transparent for better vision, with airtight seal to keep food fresh, two plates (feeder/drinker) of 0.5 l capacity, integrated in its body to optimize its volume and union handle, which facilitates handling and transport. Manufactured in premium therm-plastic.

  • One of the dog automatic hoppers more reliable and resilient on the market, manufactured and designed for the most extreme conditions. With a product design that hosts a motor capable of spraying solid rocks to waive any existing dog food grain. This hopper is electrically powered and contains a battery to keep it running even if voltage drops.

  • This automatic dor or cat hopper is designed to ensure a healthy food supply for your pet and for determining the amount of food to be dispensed from its easy to use LED panel where you can program up to 3 meals individually sized each day and can additionally be used in manual mode.

  • Tolva-Plus is a dog feeder designed to withstand all environmental conditions indoors and outdoors as well as its high strength and durability thanks to the strength of its manufacturing materials. With a deposit of 35 kg ensures a constant supply of food for your pet keeping it dry and fresh.

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    The hopper feeder CAN Master and CAN Junior are designed for dogs, cats and other pets. It allows storing and dispensing from its reserves dry and fresh food as it is consumed. Its unique design allows that the food is never exposed to air or water, since in its garage door has a driping tab that is responsible for preventing the entry of water or moisture.

  • Our hopper feeders for dogs and cats are the best alternative to ensure a constant supply of fresh food and keeping it dry, retaining its flavor and quality. Made entirely in galvanized sheet  in different sizes and colors making easy to find the one for your pet.

  • These stainless steel feeders-drinkers are designed to be directly in contact with the floor. They have in its base a soft rubber that makes the feeder more stable once it is placed on the floor. The rubber color is black, giving it a clean and sophisticated appearance and at the same time it acquires antibacterial properties.

  • Stainless steel dog feeder with 4 and 2.8 liters of capacity, with a holder that gives the option to adjust the height to accommodate it at the perfect height for your pet. The support also gives stability to the feeder / drinker to prevent the dog can spill on the ground or to be tipped over by accident.

  • This practical dog feeder with double or single support that works as feeder - drinker has a capacity of 2.8 and 1.75 liters in each dish. Its support is very stable, ranging attached directly to the wall and its installation is quite simple.

  • Double dog feeder with a diameter of 21 cm totally made of stainless steel, guaranteeing an ideal quality, free of oxides. At the end of all legs it has a plastic cover that holds the stand on slippery floors, and protects from scratches more delicate floors like parquet.

  • Our dog stainless steel feeders - drinkers can be directly in contact with the ground or they can be adapted to any type of support from our range of products. 100% made of stainless steel, they have high strength and durability for any environment and in addition to being antibacterial it prevents food or water of your pet get contaminated.

  • Master-Dog feeder hopper is the best feeding solution for large breed dogs. Its strength and size makes it ideal to withstand outdoor environmental conditions and because its design is completely removable allowing easy cleaning and transport. It has a storage capacity of about 30 liters volume for feeding your dog.

  • Our hopper-drinker for dog or cat is the most practical alternative to cover the food needs of your pet in one product. With an independent storage for food and water, a constant supply that preserves both its food and water the clean and fresh is guaranteed, offering a wide independence that avoids the need to serve food or water frequently.

  • This set of feeder and drinker for cats is a quick and affordable alternative to give your pet food and drink immediately, without the need to constantly serving and allowing cats to eat whenever they want. Made entirely of high strength plastic is the most convenient solution for your pet.

Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items