Manufacturer of Products for Rabbits 

We produce the best products for rabbits always seeking greater productivity for rabbit farms of any size offering solutions that ensure the animal welfare of rabbits and the best conditions for reproduction and growth.

  • Rabbit Cages

    Find here all the best selection of rabbit cages

  • Nests

    Find in this section the nests for rabbits manufactured by COPELE, maintaining the highest standards of quality and durability that guarantee the care and welfare of rabbits in each of its stages of growth.

  • Wooden Coops

  • Rabbit Drinkers

    Find here the best drinkers for rabbits manufactured by COPELE to provide the greatest comfort and welfare to rabbits keeping them healthy avoiding their exposure to contaminants or diseases.

  • Rabbit Feeders

    At COPELE we manufacture the best feeders for rabbits under strict quality standards always thinking about the durability of our products as well as the welfare and care of the rabbits guaranteeing a continuous supply of food in perfect conditions.

  • Rabbit Accessories

    Find here all the best selection of rabbit accessories