Pigeon Products Manufacturer 

We make the best products for pigeons manufactured with the best quality to maintain the health and welfare of both pigeons in cages, and transport them.

  • Pigeon Cages

    We manufacture the most complete range of cages and moulting cages for the breeding of pigeons for all type of fans and enthusiasts of the pigeon fancier, making use of the most resistant and durable materials in order to guarantee the welfare and care of the pigeons.

  • Pigeon Feeders

    COPELE pigeon feeders adapt to all types of needs and environments for the breeding and care of pigeons. Made with the best materials our feeders allow to control the food of the pigeons in a fast and safe way.

  • Pigeon Drinkers

    Our entire line of pigeon drinkers adapts to all types of breeding needs and pigeon enthusiasts, allowing pigeons to have access to fresh and clean water at all times.

  • Pigeon Nests

    COPELE pigeon nests are designed with the aim of providing the security and comfort necessary for pigeons to grow and develop healthy.

  • Pigeon Carriers

    In COPELE we manufacture pigeon carriers with the best quality materials with the aim of guaranteeing safety and well-being when transporting pigeons from and to sports competitions without harming their performance.