Livestock Products Manufacturer 

Under an accredited and solid name in the market, we present the widest range of equipment for livestock. With designs of the highest quality, comfort and productive management. Among livestock our products there are: cages, feeders, waterers, hoppers and accessories for poultry, rabbits, swine or sheep industry.

We focus our efforts on making products of the highest quality and best performance for chicken farming, partridges, rabbits, sheep and pigs as we manufacture products of hunting and capture cages and traps for pest control.

  • Poultry

    The best products for breeding hens, ecological or poultry. All our products, such as cages, feeders, waterers, and other accessories are designed and manufactured in-house under strict quality controls to give the chickens the best possible conditions for breeding and egg laying.

  • Rabbits

    We produce the best products for rabbits always seeking greater productivity for rabbit farms of any size offering solutions that ensure the animal welfare of rabbits and the best conditions for reproduction and growth.

  • Hunting

    This section contains the latest in cynegetic, hunting, partridges and quail breeding and other accessories manufactured directly by COPELE in all sizes and great weather resistance thanks to its manufacture in high quality materials.

  • Ovine

    We develop updates continuously in sheep breeding and the maintenance of feeding systems and water supply: feeders, hoppers and fully automatic waterers as all the necessary accessories for wellness and care of the sheep.

  • Pigs

    In COPELE we directly manufacture products for pig production with the best materials. We specialize in feeders, hoppers and drinking troughs for pigs to improve the care of pigs and facilitate the maintenance of their health and cleanliness of a pig farm.