• Fodder for Sheep Limited Edition

    Fodder for Sheep Limited Edition

    Limited time only acquire this special edition forage thicker and up to 12.5% increase of capacity (+ 3.8kg).

  • New Catalog 2016 COPELE

    New Catalog 2016

    Discover our new catalog 2016 with over 100 new products. Download the PDF version here.

  • Rabbit Farming


    Find here the mayor range of products for Industrial and home rabbit farming.

  • Avicope


    The ideal habitat for broilers, breeding, or exotic birds in suburban or rural environments

  • Let's practice horticulture


    Let's practice horticulture!!!


  • Our whelping boxes prevent puppies mortality for professional breeders. Manufactured in antiseptics, durable and comfortable materials for the mother and her puppies. The best alternative to prevent the spread of diseases in the most delicate time for dogs life.

  • AVICOPE is a bird park whose characteristics and dimensions represents the ideal habitatfor broilers, breeding, or exotic birds in suburban or rural environments.

  • One of the dog automatic hoppers more reliable and resilient on the market, manufactured and designed for the most extreme conditions. With a product design that hosts a motor capable of spraying solid rocks to waive any existing dog food grain. This hopper is electrically powered and contains a battery to keep it running even if voltage drops.

  • Painted aluminium and stainless steel drinker with constant water level entrance and high pressure valve . It can be fixed to the wall and a lower plug for emptying water is included.

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55 years manufacturing with the best quality

COPELE is a company located in Murcia, Spain. With over 50 years of history we are a company dedicated to the manufacture of livestock equipment: cages, automatic feeders, drinkers, pet nests, and facilities for rabbits, poultry and livestock.

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