• Cages for Hens

    Cages for Hens

    We manufacture all types of chicken coops along with their respective accessories for both large industries and individuals poultry farmers or hobbyists.

  • Eurotier
  • Rabbit Breeding

    Industrial Rabbit Breeding

    Find here all products of our industrial line of rabbit breeding from design and assembly of industrial buildings to specialized systems such as cages and automatic feeding and watering equipment.

  • Dog Feeders

    Dog Feeders

    Meet our range of feeders and food hoppers for dogs and cats. Products 100% designed and manufactured by COPELE with the best quality to ensure an adequate supply of food and maintain health and vitality of your pet.

Backyard Livestock

Backyard Livestock

Meet all our products for backyard livestock specialized in poultry, rabbits, sheep and pigs.


Industrial Livestock

Industrial Livestock

We cover entirely major projects for industrial livestock of poultry, rabbits and professional dog breeding.


Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

We manufacture products for all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to horses, hamsters, birds and pigeons.


Other Products

Other Products

Complementary tools and products for animal control and for cultivation in urban environments.


Manufacturing the Best Products since 1959

With over 55 years experience in industry, COPELE manufactures livestock equipment, accessories and supplies specialized in dogs, pigeons and birds always under the premise of the highest quality and durability of its products. In livestock We are specialists in industrial buildings and warehouses for poultry and rabbit breeding as well as all cages, drinkers, feeders and accessories for chickens and rabbits.

  • AVICOPE is a bird park whose characteristics and dimensions represents the ideal habitatfor broilers, breeding, or exotic birds in suburban or rural environments.

  • One of the dog automatic hoppers more reliable and resilient on the market, manufactured and designed for the most extreme conditions. With a product design that hosts a motor capable of spraying solid rocks to waive any existing dog food grain. This hopper is electrically powered and contains a battery to keep it running even if voltage drops.

  • This automatic horse drinker is made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel that keeps a constant water level thanks to its regulable high pressure valve . It can be fixed to the wall and a lower plug for emptying water is included.

  • Pigeon cage 2 departments, configurable in batteries of 1, 3 or 4 heights. Suitable for exhibition, breeding and molting of pigeons. Made of galvanized and lacquered sheet and galvanized wire for enhanced durability.

  • Pigeon cage 2 departments, configurable in batteries of 1, 3 or 4 heights. Suitable for exhibition, breeding and molting of pigeons. Made of galvanized and lacquered sheet and galvanized wire for enhanced durability.

  • Industrial cage for rabbits with 8 multipurpose departments on the lower floor, +8 departments to pregnancy or replacement on the upper floor, adaptable to any management system rabbit production. The cage "Moscow" is a versatile modular solution to start industrial rabbit breeding projects of small or large scale.

  • The new automatic incubator REAL, is suitable for incubation of 12, 24 or 49 eggs the size of goose or chicken, or 48, 96 or 196 partridge, quail or any bird, depending on the model, without changing accessories. The line of incubators REAL has the most advanced technology in the science of artificial incubation, it is a masterpiece of engineering.

  • Plastic hopper-feeder 1st age with 1,5 Kg capacity.

  • Plastic poultry hoppers and for other birds of great strength and versatility which is composed of four pieces for assembly: tank, plate, hanging loop and anti-waste-ring that prevents birds from digging in the food so it won't fall to the floor giving higher profits.

  • Semiautomatic drinker made in plastic for first age birds with different options for capacity.

  • These stainless steel feeders-drinkers are designed to be directly in contact with the floor. They have in its base a soft rubber that makes the feeder more stable once it is placed on the floor. The rubber color is black, giving it a clean and sophisticated appearance and at the same time it acquires antibacterial properties.

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55 years manufacturing with the best quality

COPELE is a company located in Murcia, Spain. With over 50 years of history we are a company dedicated to the manufacture of livestock equipment: cages, automatic feeders, drinkers, pet nests, and facilities for rabbits, poultry and livestock.

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